About iCabber

UBER developed the first ride share program application. Today there are dozens of Transportation Network Companies (TNC) providing booking and payment processing apps for Independent driver networks around the world. Drivers who utilize a ride share network are governed by State law. No municipality or other local entity may impose a tax on, or require a license for, a TNC, a TNC driver, or a vehicle used by a TNC driver where such tax or license relates to providing TNC services, or subject a TNC to the municipality or other local entity’s rate, entry, operational or other requirements.

ICabber is a Transportation Network Company (TNC) headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee. They use a proprietary computer software APP which is installed directly on the driver network website to book riders. Drivers maintain, control and insure their own vehicles used to transport the ride share customers.

ALL Rider Transactions must be handled through the TNC program. Accepting passengers who hail drivers on the street is prohibited.

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